Muncie Dragway

Muncie Dragway
7901 Indiana 28
Albany, IN 47320
(765) 789-8470


Track Hours:
Wed. Open at 5 pm | T-Trials at 5:30 pm

Friday Open at 6 pm | T-Trials at 6:30 pm

Sat. Open at 1 pm
T-Trials at 3 pm | Race at 6:30 pm

Sun. Open at 9 am
T-Trials at 1 pm | Race Following

Special Events: Open Early - Check Schedule

April & October ONLY
Saturday Open at Noon
T-Trials at 1:30pm | Race at 5 pm

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ADMISSION: Regular Admission price through the Spectator gate is $10.00 for adults, with children 11 and under Free. There is no charge to walk over into the pits. Many special discounts are listed on the enclosed schedule. Special Events may be priced higher.

PARKING: All spectator parking is free on the west side of the track, in the main spectator parking area. The pits are
intended for race cars ONLY at all Saturday Night races. Pit parking will be allowed only by paying a $5.00 pit parking fee.


Muncie Dragway is an NHRA sanctioned track and will be basically governed by the NHRA rulebook. NHRA allows its sanctioned tracks to decide on their own program and specialty rules.

  • 50 Degree Rule
    • If the forecast high is not AT LEAST 50 degrees, we will not open.
  • Classes
    • Super Pro - 1/8 mile Box    (No Street Tires in S/Pro) - 4.50-7.75
    • Pro - 1/8 mile No Box  (Box must not be in car) - 5.70-8.99
    • Sportsman - ¼ mile   No Box and No Trans Brake - 10.00-19.99
    • Jr. Dragster - 1/8 mile Major and Minor Classes (combined if under 5/class)
    • Top Speed in Major Class is 89.99 mph and 7.50 et
    • Major Class is age 13-18 Minor Class is age 8-12 (See Details pg.3)
    • Motorcycle - ¼
  • Tech Cards
    • All tech cards must be filled out completely and turned in at the bottom of the tower in the tech card box. Incomplete tech cards will not be accepted. All entries must pass through tech before they will be allowed to make any runs. Vehicles found to have minor safety infractions will be allowed to compete on that night with a warning to fix the problem within a time period specified by the tech official.
  • Rain-Outs
    • There will be NO CASH REFUNDS. ONLY EXCEPTION is for our Big Buck Races we WILL refund. In the event of a rain out, blackout, or any other problem that prevents the completion of a race, your rain check will be honored up to 30 days from the cancelled race. Any variation to this policy must be pre-approved by management/owner. If two complete rounds of eliminations have been completed, the race will be considered a finished race, and the prize money will be divided among those racers left in competition. Muncie Dragway points will be awarded according to individual round wins.
      EXAMPLE: The 3rd round is started with 20 cars in the bracket. After 3 pairs (6 cars) race, the rain comes. All racers left in competition, including the three racers who lost in that round will split the prize money equally.
  • Alcohol
    • THIS IS A ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY. No driver of a car in competition is to consume any alcoholic beverage. Any driver found to be doing so will be disqualified and points and winnings forfeited and may have further suspension at owner discretion. NO GLASS BOTTLES ARE ALLOWED AT ANY TIME.
  • Children
    • Children are the responsibility of parents/adults and should remain under close supervision. No children under the age of 16 will be allowed to operate any vehicle, tow vehicle in the pits UNLESS they are driving a Junior Dragster. We will also be enforcing no bicycles, scooters, etc. operated by children. This is for the safety of our children first. ANY VEHICLE BEING OPERATED BY AN UNLICENSED DRIVER WILL BE SUBJECT TO IMPOUND BY TRACK OWNER.
  • Gold Cards
    • Gold cards are to be used for Saturday regular race program and Super Saturday race program. They are not allowed for any big races such as,Bonfire Nationals, etc, as well as, all test and tune nights and Friday night special programs. Gold card value is to be used for regular race entry.
  • Time Trials
    • Cars will be called by their individual class. You will receive one run per session. On large car counts, classes may be divided to odd and even. A five-minute warning will be given for lanes to close. After lanes close, no more entries will be allowed in the lanes. NO EXCEPTIONS! No time trials allowed after time trials end for the day. Two time trials and “Dial for Dollars” will be the test run format, however, car count, oil downs and other unforeseen problems will dictate how many time trials are available at the race director’s discretion.  RACERS MUST BE SUITED UP AND HAVE ALL SAFETY EQUIPMENT ON AND BE STRAPPED IN BEFORE THEY ARE AT THE HEAD OF STAGING. IF THEY ARE NOT READY, THEY WILL BE DIRECTED BACK TO THEIR TRAILER AND WILL FORFEIT THAT TIME TRIAL. This is for our racers so we keep the program running without pauses.
  • Dial for Dollars
    • Every week during the 3rd time run we will have a “Dial for Dollars”. $5 dollars to enter: winner receives half. The closest racer to their dial in time wins. All racers are eligible for this run. “Dial for Dollars” will be run time permitting and is not guaranteed. Each class will consists of its own Dial for Dollars race and it will be run in accordance with the class structure.
  • Elimination Rounds
    • Do not move into the staging lanes until your bracket is called. Reasonable cool down time between runs will be given, but if you are not in the lanes and ready to run on time, you are out of the competition. Elimination rounds will have the same format as time trials to fill the lanes. WE WILL DRAW CHIPS- FIRST CHIP HAS LANE CHOICE- NO BACK CHIP.
  • Disputed Runs
    • Any disputed run, regardless of reason, must be reported at the base of the control tower. The race director will be immediately notified and will deal with the situation. All race directors’ decisions will be FINAL. Run disputes need to include ONLY the drivers involved. DO NOT enter the Control Room in the tower during competition for any reason!
  • Double Entries
    • Double entry of the same driver in the same class is allowed. Any driver may enter more than one class. If a driver is still in on both entries later in the race, he/she will be expected to make the 10-minute call between runs.
  • Unlimited Quick 16
    • 8 door cars, 8 dragsters. (NO MATTER WHAT CLASS WILL BE FILLED). Door cars will race door car and dragsters vs. dragsters as long as it’s possible. You may have ANY dial. No entries will be sold after the first sets of cars have gone down the track for qualifying. Non-qualifiers will enter Super Pro. All qualifiers may double over to Super Pro. NO BUY BACKS – you may buy back into the 2nd round of Super Pro. No double entries – one entry per car. No reruns, No break passes, & No gold cards.
  • Single Runs
    • First round is drawn in tower, subsequent round by reaction time from previous round. On a single, or “bye” run, the only way a racer can be disqualified is if he/she drives off the track which includes touching the guardrail and/or the white line. He/she may red light, break out, or not be able to complete the run, and still will be a winner in that round of competition.
  • Lane Choice
    • All safety equipment including helmets, fire safety equipment, and arm restraints must be in place before car is allowed to proceed into the burnout box. This is for your safety and is MANDATORY. Once a car and driver have crossed into the back of the staging lanes, he/she is to be ready to race. There will be no crossing of lanes once entered into staging unless directed by the staging director. Once the car and driver get to the front of the staging lanes, chips will draw lane choice. First chip drawn will determine lane choice. There will be no back chip. Once racers have pulled into the burnout area and the lane assignments have been established, they may not be changed.
  • Stage Procedure
    • When reaching the starting line, the first racer should turn on the pre-stage light and await the other racer. Courtesy staging is appreciated but not mandatory. DO NOT stage until your competition turns on his pre-stage light or you are directed to do so by the starting official. A countdown of 30 seconds will be allowed to the last racer to pre-stage. After that time, the starter will direct the first racer to stage and fire the tree. When one racer is staged and the second racer is pre-staged, the computer will allow the second racer 12 seconds to stage. If the second racer does not stage within the 12 seconds, the tree will automatically start and the second racer will get a red light. Burnouts under power across the starting line are only allowed for Super Pro cars or cars without front brakes, cars w/ no front brakes, Super Pro or any cars that are 6.0 (1/8 mile) elapsed time. Deep staging is permitted but not guaranteed. Our rule is: YOU BACK UP- YOU PACK UP. Backing out of the staging beams for a second attempt to stage is PROHIBITED. Failure to stage upon the starter’s order is an automatic disqualification. Your act of staging must be a FORWARD motion stage. All vehicles must self-start and self-stage. This rule also applies to single runs. Push – starting a vehicle is prohibited. In case of burn down slower car MUST STAGE FIRST or be disqualified.
  • Red Lights
    • A red light is the end of the race.
  • Countdown
    • During eliminations, any car that will not start while still in the staging lanes will be given a two-minute countdown. If it still has not started, the other competitor of the pair will be given a single run due to breakage. If both cars initially start and move to the burnout area, the amount of time allotted a racer to do a burnout and reach the starting line is somewhat up to his/her opponent. If his/her opponent pre-stages, a 30-second count will be started. If the racer does not, will not, or cannot pre-stage within 30 seconds, the starter will direct his opponent to stage and will fire the tree, unless he feels the racer has not been given enough time to do his burnout and stage. In any situation, the call is final and it will be that of the line starter or race director.
  • Reruns
    • Every race should have a winner and a loser. Sometimes, however, problems arise that are beyond our control. For example, storms that produce lightning strikes within five miles of the track can stop the clocks. In these, hopefully, rare cases, BOTH cars will be advanced to the next round. Unless it’s the final round, a rerun will occur.
  • Tail Lights
  • Leaking
    • Any car found to be leaking on the starting line might be disqualified. If the starting line official does not detect the leak until after the car leaves the line, the driver will be warned before his next pass. On the next pass, the starter will watch very closely for the leak. The starting line official will determine if the leak has stopped or is small enough as to not endanger the racer or the following racers. He will then allow the car to compete. This is intended for the safety of all racers. In all cases, the starting line official and/or race director has the final decision.
  • Changing Vehicles
    • The vehicle that is used in the first round of racing by a competitor must be raced. NO substitutes are allowed to a racer still in competition. You may buy back in a different vehicle.
  • Dial – Ins
    • A racer may change his dial each round of eliminations. The dial-in must be on the vehicle in plain sight on the driver side of the car and MUST by plainly visible from the tower. We are not responsible for dial –ins that cannot be read by the tower personnel. When the scoreboards are turned on, YOU MUST CHECK YOUR DIAL to verify it is correct before staging.
  • Traction Control Devices
    • Aftermarket traction control devices of any kind are prohibited in all classes.
  • Break Rule
    • There is no break rule at Muncie Dragway. The car that wins a race is the winner. If he/she cannot return for the next round, his/her opponent (if on a ladder) will receive a single.
  • Buybacks
    • Buybacks are limited to first round only. EXCEPTION, on the Big Buck Races you can buy back 1st or 2nd round. Buyback entries are done at the BOTTOM of the tower. Buying back does not constitute a round win. Buybacks will be called to the lanes FIRST then non-buybacks will be called. No guarantee that a non-buyback will not race a buyback.
  • Auxiliary/Tow Vehicle Policy
    • All such vehicles must bear the number of the competition vehicle they are associated with. They may be operated only by licensed drivers (minimum age 16); the speed limit (10mph) applies; and they are NOT to be used for “pleasure.” No passengers unless the vehicle is deigned and intended for such use (Buddy seats on ATV’s, Golf Carts, etc.). No roller skates, roller blades, scoters, skateboards, bicycles, etc. Tow vehicles are not abandoned and or blocking the staging lanes.
  • Restricted areas
    • The active racetrack from the ready line at the base of the tower through the shutdown area and sand trap is a RESTRICTED AREA. Only Muncie Dragway staff, officials and safety personnel may enter. STAY OUT of these areas, unless a Muncie Dragway official specifically directs your presence. The area between the control tower and the racer track (the grass section between the pits and race track) is not a spectator area but a RESTRICTED AREA. Only Muncie Dragway staff or people directed by staff are to be present.
  • Unauthorized Sales on Dragway Property
    • No product sales of any kind, marketing of any goods, including but not limited to concessions, souvenirs, etc. without owners approval. If anyone is found doing this, they will be ejected from the park for a term decided solely by the owners of Muncie Dragway. – NO EXCEPTIONS – ZERO TOLERANCE.
  • Conduct
    • Unruly, violent, disruptive or threatening activity of any kind will not be tolerated. Acts such as threats, intimidation, verbal or physical abuse, display or use of a weapon or destruction of property will result in immediate ejection from the property. MUNCIE DRAGWAY INSURANCE WILL BE NULL AND VOID TO ALL PARTIES RESULTING FROM THESE ACTIONS. MUNCIE DRAGWAY MAY IMPOSE ADDITIONAL PENALITIES AT ITS OPTION, POSSIBLE SUSPENSION AND POINTS LOSS AND CRIMINAL CHARGES WILL BE FILED.
  • Jr. Dragster Rules
    • Any competitor running quicker than 7.50 e.t. (7.499 and quicker) in the eighth-mile or 4.10 e.t. in 330 feet at any time during an event will be disqualified from the event and subject to additional disciplinary action in the sole and absolute discretion of NHRA. Any competitor running quicker than 7.70 e.t. but 7.50 or slower in the eighth-mile will receive one warning and will be disqualified upon a second infraction. Any competitor running 85.01 mph or faster during eliminations will forfeit that race and not be allowed to further participate in the event. During time trials or qualifying, any competitor running 85.01 mph to 89.99 mph will receive one warning and will be disqualified upon a second infraction. Any competitor running 90.00 mph or faster at any time during the event will be immediately disqualified from the event and subject to additional disciplinary action in the sole and absolute discretion of NHRA.
    • Drivers 8-9 yrs old restricted to 1/8 mile dial of 12.90 or slower
    • Drivers 10 -12 yrs old IN MINOR limited to a 11.90 or slower
    • Drivers 13-17 yrs old restricted to 1/8 mile dial of 7.90 or slower
    • Cars must self-stage, crew member not allowed to touch car during staging
    • Muncie Dragway recommends all Junior Dragster competitors obtain a NHRA Jr. dragster rule book to make sure the driver and the car are compliant to the NHRA Jr. Dragster rules that must be enforced at Muncie Dragway.
    • All competitors must have a minor waiver form filled out completely.
    • All Jr. Dragsters competitors must be towed back from the return road to their pit spot and also, must be towed to staging lanes. No Jr. Dragsters to be driven under their own power throughout the race facility at ANY time.
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